Build, Operate, Maintain, and Secure the DoD Information Network and deliver C4IM services throughout Italy, the Balkans, the Black Sea Region, NATO's Southern Flank, and Africa in order to Enable the Environment and Speed of Operations for the Warfighter.

Vision: "The Mighty 509th." A winning team comprised of trusted professionals committed to high-quality customer service which provides reliable, resilient, and ready communications to enable mission command capabilities for the Warfighter.


  • commander Commander Lt. Col. Mike Reeder
  • CSM Senior Enlisted Leader Command Sgt. Maj. Jose Vasquez


Mailing address: Unit 31401, Box 47, APO AE 09630

Phone: +39 (0)444-66-2521; DSN (314) 637-2521

Network Operations: Commercial +39 (0)444-66-8000; DSN (314) 637-8000

Italy Phonebook

Public Affairs Office/Webmaster: Email to usarmy.wiesbaden.2-sig-bde.mbx.pao@mail.mil