Microsoft Windows 10 Transition

The Deputy Secretary of Defense directed the immediate implementation of Windows 10 as the standard operating system for classified and unclassified networks throughout the Department in order to improve cybersecurity and streamline the IT operating environment. Successful deployment of this operating system will enhance IT capabilities and improve network performance. Europe is leading the way as the Army’s early adopters, piloting the new system and initiating full-production rollout beginning December 2016. View the resouces below to see how you can prepare for the Windows 10 transition and learn the features and benefits of the new operating system.

Windows 10 Videos

1 Windows 10 PSA
2 Windows 10 Network Security Benefits
3 NETCOM Command Message: Windows 10

Windows 10 links


For more information about Windows 10 implementation in your unit, please contact your first-level IT support provider.

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